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Mixbook Moldova - the development branch of a Silicon Valley company in the photo services industry, headquartered in Redwood, California.



Interior design

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Project management

To create a collaborative, smart, people-centric space with a focus on employee productivity and feel-good state. To create a special feeling in the interior by highlighting the features of the existing space, while integrating the brand’s colours and elements.

415 M

A three-leveled office space provided plenty of space to satisfy all the company needs. So, the first level is dedicated to social activities, and consists of a kitchen, dining zone, a wide lobby and a zone. The hanging chairs next to the ping-pong table confers this place a playful vibe. This space is also designed as a workshop and conference space up to 50 people, so, all the furniture elements are mobile. The brick wall with the wide logo is seen from the outside and it works as a magnet to passersby, and also it’s a perfect background for the collective photos.
The second and the third floors are made up of open space working areas, conference rooms and a few personal offices. Each floor contains a tiny snack area, beautifully integrated in the interior. On the third floor there is even a relax room equipped with comfortable sofa and armchairs, so that every employer can retire for a while to meditate, to read a book, or for a private conversation with someone.


Stylistically this is an eclectic space that combines various styles and materials while preserving the integrity and the concept of a friendly, pleasant, warm and stylish place. It collects more than the just workers – it collects friends. An ideal and harmonious combination of different styles has become a guarantee of the uniqueness of the project. An imposing staircase set the tone of the interior design project, as it had been already finished when Mixbook rent the office. We’ve enhanced it’s elegant look by adding an impressive hanging light composition. Exposed ducts and steel windowpane dividers, brick and raw wood walls, and plenty of wooden and metal items bring an industrial touch to the space. In contrast to it comes the classy look of the furniture - the armchairs and kitchen cabinets. There are also some modern touches – the sofas, the black and white flooring in the conference rooms, the minimalistic look of the restrooms.
All this unique mix is diluted with colourful carpets and posters that bring some personal touch to this interior.


While creating this project we met an unusual scenario - Mixbook went through a rebranding, with the change of corporate colour scheme. It obviously led to chromatic changes in the interior design project, so that the final result differs from initial proposal. We love both projects and we just couldn’t let the first version unpublished. So, you can compare both of them. Which one do you like most?

Neat, comfortable and put together, the Mixbook office shows firsthand how looking good feels good. It is a brand representative interior that focuses on personal comfort and productivity as well as on office social life.




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